Our History and Tradition

BVLS Jewellers Enamelled Jewelry Canada First Generation1
BVLS Jewellers Enamelled Jewelry Canada First Generation 2

In BVLSmiths we have an intimate relationship with metals and fire for several generations.

All BULSmiths in our family ,
We are simple honest people. We have small simple lives And believe in small simple things , and that in everything which a bulsmith does in his life , he has to put a piece of his heart.

The First BULSmith in our family was my great grandfather Vasil Dobreff.
 He was born in the city of Haskovo, Bulgaria and was wheelwright and carriage maker. Unfortunately he died too young – in 1903 and from him is left only one photo taken sometimes at the end of 19-th century. The photograph shows the Smiths in my native city Haskovo.


The Second Generation BULSmith in our family was my grandfather Peter Dobreff.

He was born in my native city Haskovo in 1901 and became orphan at age 2.His mother got remarried in a village 5 miles from my home town and living with 14 brothers , sisters and siblings wasn’t easy. So when his stepfather refused to send him to high school because of lack of money, my grandfather went to visit his father’s parents in my home town and “forgot” to return back. While living with his grandparents , At age 12 he became an apprentice in a wheelwright and carriage making shop .This allowed him to pass the exam for Smith and get his Master craftsman license at age 22 – in1923. In next more than 40 years he was working every day – making carriages , making wheels ,making knives, repairing guns , clocks, tools and agricultural machinery . He died in 1965 and I never had the chance to know him.
On next photo from 1960-ies are all Smiths left at that time in my city Haskovo.

As you can see Industrialization had taken its toll and the metal-smithing was declining business and craft.


BVLS Jewellers Enamelled Jewelry Canada Second Generation 2
BVLS Jewellers Enamelled Jewelry Canada Second Generation 1
BVLS Jewellers Enamelled Jewelry Canada Third Generation

The Third Generation BULSmith is My Father Vasil Dobreff II .

He became orphan at age 23 and he had little support in his life. So he exchanged the anvil and hammer of his father for pliers and screwdriver and in next 25years of his life he was repairing CNC machines before to find use of his Master’s degree in economics.
However in his heart he is a BULSmith –when I was a kid , I remember that he will forge from time to time a knife,or Wrought-iron lattice for fireplace or window , or will make some silver jewellery for my mother .
My Father taught me everything which he learned from his father about Smiting. In addition my Father taught me to have dignity and to be honest man.

And here it comes to me. I am Peter Dobreff II – Forth Generation BULSmith
and owner of BVLS®.

I have 1.99 Master’s degrees in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, fluent in 4 languages, some patents and discoveries, around 10 years industrial experience, I use CAD/CAM on everyday basis, I use CFD and Chemical engineering software … BUT Iwasn’t able to find meaningful employment in Canada since I arrived here some 18 years ago.
In addition a bunch of white collar academia criminals, corrupted cops and their enablers successfully brought me mental suffering and mental illness.
And “Yes” – In 2010, I spent 28 days in jail for smashing with a baseball bat side window of the car of that private detective hired by lawyers of University of Western Ontario and Chieftains of the Police Department in London, Ontario, who was following me wherever I go.

At this moment of time 2011 – “left on the cold with mental illness” and “pregnant with criminal record”, I decided to “do William Grant” . Similarly to legendary founder of Glenfiddich Whiskey, I decided to build my own business and to re-open in Canada the BVLSmith shop of my grandfathers who was providing for my family for more than a century. As people say “They can beat you to death, but they can’t take away your talents and knowledge”.

In addition, I found good use of “tool and die making “apprenticeship which my father pushed me to take while I was in high school. However, opening a business with mental illness is not an easy task, so after meeting some of the worst of Canadian species, I had the chance to meet some of the best of The Canadians who helped me to start my business. And exactly these Good Canadians make me a proud Canadian.


BVLS Jewellers Enamelled Jewelry Canada 4th Generation 1
BVLS Jewellers Enamelled Jewelry Canada 5th Generation

Meanwhile Vasil Dobreff III –the Fifth Generation BULSmith,

Follows family tradition of well-educated men. He graduated with Master’s degree in Dentistry and is young hard working Dentistry Doctor . As part of his University program he learnt how to cast precious alloys and the kid is good in fine jobs like stones and teeth settings.

On genetic level it happens that his Mother is a graduate from Applied Arts School and has Master’s degree in Architecture. So hopefully, one day “The Fifth Generation” may get tired from routine in Dentistry , And may start making and selling the BVLSmiths diamond and precious stones  candy.